Friday, June 25, 2010

The R Family (Houston Family Photographer)

I LOVE this family! I met Lisa on a mission trip to Honduras with my church and we were instant friends. The kind you feel like you’ve known all of your life after one week of meeting. She is an amazing woman; strong, tough,fun, beautiful, and so devoted to her family and God.She has overcome some tough things recently and you can just see how God’s peace has filled her with joy amidst very difficult circumstances. I just love her!! You can completely see the love of Christ in this family!They give so much of their time to serve our church and youth and make meals for all the kiddos every Wednesday! Today I had so much fun shooting Lisa, her mom and brother,husband, and her extremely handsome and sweet sons. We squeezed them in the studio and got some great shots!

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Sacajaweya (Houston Baby Photographer)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Will is 1 year! (Houston Baby Photography)

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I had so much fun shooting this little bundle of adorableness! He totally kept me busy because he literally never stops. He is 100% boy and so happy ALL the time! edit22 edit21 edit20 edit19 edit18 edit17 edit30 edit31 He really liked the rocks on the railroad!edit16 Look at those curls!!edit14 If you look close you can see the remnants of the crayon he ate earlier! I just love him! edit13 edit34 edit12 edit11 edit9 edit10 edit8 edit7 edit6edit5 edit4 edit3 edit2 edit1